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FolderDrive User Guide

Application Main Screen

The image above contains the main application screen. The application's features are available via the buttons in the toolbar.

You can start adding new mappings, remove selected mappings or control the application options from this screen.

Adding Drive Mappings

When you click "Add Mapping" button, the application shows the add mapping dialog:
Here, you can select the preferred drive letter from the combobox. Please note that you can't use any drive letter that already have been taken, so they will not appear in the combobox.

After choosing the drive letter, you need to specify the path to the folder being mapped. You can paste it to the box below or click the "..." button near the box to use the standard Windows dialog and choose the folder from it. Please note that you can choose only existing folders.

Your newly mapped folder will appear in the list on the main program screen as soon as you'll click the "OK" button (and your mapped drive will appear in "My Computer"):

Removing Drive Mappings

To remove one or more drive mappings simply select the checkbox near the drive mapping in the list:
After you click the "Remove Selected" button, the mapping will be deleted and the drive will disappear from the system.

Permanent Drive Mappings

You can make the drive mapping permanent for your system. In this case, the mapping will be stored to Windows registry and you don't have to run FolderDrive in order to restore your mapping on system startup. This can be done by checking "Make Permanent" checkbox in the "Add Mapping" dialog:

Please note that adding permanent drive mappings requires the administrator rights. FolderDrive uses special FolderDriveRegistryUtility process to work with registry. You may see warnings from Windows UAC or your antivirus software during adding the mapping.

Other Options

There's a set of options related to application behavior. Current release contains a very limited amount of options available from the options dialog:

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